Eminem to star in horror flick

emAfter moderate success in his debut film ‘8 Mile’, Eminem is taking another crack at the big screen in his upcoming film entitled ‘Shady Talez’. The 37 year old will play three different characters in the comic book style horror flick, hoping to deflect the assumption that he only had the range to basically play himself in a feature length film. Eminem apparently also co-wrote the flick with Underworld star Kevin Grevioux.

The rapper, whose popularity has diminished over the years after 2 sub par albums, will try to jump start his career after a series of embarrassing moments in the spotlight, including being dissed by diva Mariah Carey and being teabagged in public by Sacha Baron Cohen. Eminem admitted he was in on the publicity stunt, a startling admission considering the bulk of his fans are homophobic and were already becoming disenchanted with Em’s deteriorating music career. Over the years Marshall Mathers’ flow has become a shadow of what it once was, his verbal gymnastics morphing into a predictable, monotonous style, turning the one time hip hop hellion into just another emcee.

It has been rumored that his ability to rhyme was directly related to his consumption of ecstasy, but since experiencing a near methadone overdose while on tour in 2005, Eminem has apparently been clean. In what some are calling an obvious imitation or at the very least an unbelievable coincidence, a leaked photo of Eminem in his Shady Talez make-up has a striking resemblance to Heath Ledger as The Joker in the Dark Knight. Art may be imitating the life of a deceased artist, and the risk Mathers is taking by potentially attempting to remind viewers of Ledger’s brilliant performance could be the nail in his acting coffin.

No word yet on who will be directing or co-starring in the film. Shady Talez is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2010.



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