VOTE Toronto 2010: The Casting Couch of Adam Giambrone

Young Mayoral Candidate Gets Caught With His Texts Down

by: James Di Fiore

He had been touted as one of the most prolific politicians under the age of 40.

One might now want to change that moniker to precocious.

Adam Giambrone, the Toronto councillor and TTC Chair stated through his campaign manager, John Laschinger, that he will not give up his mayoral candidacy after the public learned of a year-long affair with a 20-year-old university student, Kristen Lucas. The relationship, which allegedly included sexual text messages and intercourse in his City Hall office, was apparently kept secret because his public relationship with Sarah McQuarrie was “important for the campaign.” For a 32-year-old, Giambrone has already mastered the political art of smoke and mirrors, and one wonders when he will learn the art of not leaving a trail…to the couch…at his office….in City Hall.

Already, newspapers in Toronto are comparing the fling to political soap operas like the Clinton scandals and the John Edwards affair – but this tawdry escapade has a unique, er, flavour. Giambrone is 32 years old, an overachiever, was rumoured to be gay and is seen as responsible for the TTC being in the worst shape since the early 90s. Beyond that, his reputation was squeaky clean. He speaks several languages, holds degrees in sophisticated subjects like architecture and African studies and was the president of a federal political party while still in his 20s. This kind of thing was not supposed to happen to a politician like Giambrone.

But that’s just it – put a politician on a pedestal and they will eventually chip away until it is just a stump to make speeches from. By confiding to Lucas that his current public relationship with McQuarrie was just for the cameras, Giambrone paints himself as not just an overachiever, but a typical scam artist as well.

Finally, while reading and commenting on Giambrone’s Facebook page I was unceremoniously blocked  at 5:06pm after debating with a few staunch supporters and the typical electoral sheeple.  Some people showed forgiveness for Giambrone, while others felt he abused his elected office and betrayed the trust of voters and his long time girlfriend.

When it comes to the Toronto vote however, Giambrone may have enough time to recover, provided household name and current frontrunner George Smitherman takes the high road. Smithermann, not known for having a laid back persona, will likely jump on this with some of the political grace he showed after side-stepping the eHealth scandal at the Premier’s office.

Time will tell. Until then, my suggestion is to find the couch, lay low and keep your texts to yourself.


    1. It’s been something i have considered but no decisions have been made yet. We’ll see if Rossi or Smitherman self destructs first. 😉

      If I do my platform will include taxing ALL religious organizations and churches with the same municipal rate we all have to pay.


  1. If Rossi wins, i’m moving out of Toronto. That man looks like he has no soul and an even worse grip on municipal politics.

    Giambrone’s page is still up.. *confused*


    1. Turns out i was blocked from his facebook page. Thanks for the heads up.

      I know what you mean about Rossi. He even looks slimy. Right now there isn’t really a candidate that stands out, in my opinion.


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