Adam Giambrone Quits Mayoral Run

“I broke my own moral code,” embattled Councillor says

by: James Di Fiore

Fighting back tears and unable to finish his prepared statement, a clearly distraught Adam Giambrone called it quits after admitting to multiple affairs at a press conference on Wednesday morning at City Hall.

Giambrone’s executive assistant took over, rereading the entire statement while refusing to answer any questions about the former candidate’s exit from the race.

“The most painful lessons in life comes from the mistakes you make yourself,” Giambrone said over the phone in a statement to the Toronto Star. “I have no excuses for my failure to disclose my relationships with other women.” He went on to say the various affairs were the “worst mistakes of my life.”

One can hardly disagree.

Perhaps the most intriguing facet to this political scandal, as it always is with this particular politician, is Mr. Giambrone’s age. Indeed, when we think of memorable sexual missteps by political personalities, it is the Bill Clintons of the world that spring to mind. Gray-haired, staunch, well-connected, powerful political personas succumbing to the temptations of a typical male trait – a sexual appetite heightened by access to available, adorning women. Add the hormones of a healthy man in his early thirties, and all of a sudden the wonderkid from Davenport looks just as normal as the rest of us.

While the storm clouds are still gathering for Giambrone, ushered through the winds of a heartbroken lover, disappointed advisers and disgruntled supporters, there is a silver lining and a distinct advantage he has in overcoming the stress and reputation that goes along with a sex scandal. Once again, his age. Giambrone is 32 years old, a literal kindergartener in political years, already a savvy politician and well ahead of the curve by most polywonk standards. He has already demonstrated an instinct for strategy, typified by surrounding himself with organizers like John Laschinger and supporters like Howard Moscoe, David Miller and others. In other words, the kid is in good hands – so much so that you could surmise the following: as far as political lifespans go, Giambrone’s youth is finally over.

The former mayoral candidate will settle back into his roles as Councillor for Southern Davenport and TTC Chair, taking away a valuable insight into the world of sensational journalism and that discretion in one’s personal life is paramount. With 8 years of meaningful political experience under his belt, he will use this latest chapter as a method of reminder – never overestimate the self’s desire to fail, and never underestimate the power of a jilted lover.

Learning both before your 33rd birthday is a tough cookie to swallow, but it still keeps him well ahead of the curve.



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