Toronto Media Biases Exposed Over Giambrone Scandal

City’s News Organizations Show Sex Scandal in Varying Forms

by: James Di Fiore

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “Hey, we don’t have to worry about dogmatic media biases…after all, this is Canada!” then please, think again.

Adam Giambrone, the Toronto councillor ratted out by his university student mistress just as he officially threw his hat in Toronto’s mayoral race, is likely doing a lot of groveling right about now. After all, his texts to Kristen Lucas included referring to Sarah McQuarrie, his long-term mate, as basically a convenient means to a political end. Not exactly the best Valentine’s Day gift a gal could ask for, but nothing we haven’t seen in politics before.

Setting aside the obvious betrayal McQuarrie and supporters are experiencing (after all, he allegedly had sex on a couch in his office at City Hall), the tell-tale sign Toronto’s media has set up distinct political camps is in the language of our city’s major outlets. Observe the following headlines:

“This is THE Giam-boner”…eloquent words by The Toronto Sun. There’s really nothing to add to that, except to say we didn’t know Howard Stern’s pen-name was Rob Granastein.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Star was already busy handling damage control for Giambrone, even as they broke the story on Tuesday. It is fairly unusual, to say the least, to drop a bombshell AND the apology in the same column, but there it was.

The Globe and Mail played the role of ethics police by publishing this on their web site, but if you read another post, it is clear they are fastening themselves to the same fence they normally sit upon.

What’s missing you ask? Well, the only ‘publication’ that had strongly supported the Giambrone campaign was NOW Magazine, Toronto’s Village Voice copycat whose reputation for pandering hopelessly to anything left-wing always shines through. On Tuesday, NOW’s political reporter, Enzo DiMatteo, the ass kissing hack for all things Giambrone, tried his best to sound like a real journalist by leaving the question ‘what’s next?’ open-ended. (this is the same person who thought Giambrone was gay, only to revise the article in question to read ‘gay-positive’…wishful thinking reportedly played a role in that hiccup). Look for Di Matteo to pucker up while trying to give the appearance of showing balance in Thursday’s issue, however. DiMatteo’s relentless admiration for the young councillor seeps through the vegetable-based ink on NOW’s pages, and this scandal will likely result in a sympathy piece, outlining the real media’s supposed hunger for sensationalism.

What does this ultimately mean for Giambrone’s campaign? Too early to tell; but he will surely need positive press from outlets other than Toronto’s least credible source of political news. Stay tuned…


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