Sarah Thomson – The Palin Discoveries

A few months ago I answered an online ad from a web site seeking a new editor. I sent them my blog which contained more than a few posts about embattled then-Mayoral candidate Adam Giambrone’s sex scandal and the Toronto Transit Labour Leader Bob Kinnear’s arrogance towards Torontonians. I was called in for an interview a few days later.

The web site was, a stringent, right-wing site claiming to be a place for all things Libertarian. It also claims to be a representation of all political voices, but take a look at the blogroll and a certain air of neo-con comes wafting through the screen. The office is located at 3 Church Street, Suite #300. It is the same office as the Women’s Post, the all-women magazine owned by Toronto Mayoral candidate, Sarah Thomson.

Normally, this kind of thing would not be newsworthy in a Toronto mayoral election. After all, Thomson has no chance of winning as the three front runners are digging in and consistently lead the pack of 35 candidates. Rob Ford, George Smitherman and Rocco Rossi are doing battle while Thomson struggles to get air time. While she is relatively unknown, she has lofty environmental policies that seem to dwarf the ideas of every other candidate combined. Her positions on the environment are so impressive, they are almost unbelievable. Yep, go with that last thought.

Her web site might be the most right-wing online presence in Canada today. That’s fine on the surface as all political leanings should be unfettered when it comes to free speech, but Thomson has been engaging in a clear strategy – target the left-leaning environmentalists while keeping her ultra-libertarian roots a secret.

For example: Thomson’s web site, after a simple search, is in love with another Sarah south (northwest) of the border. Yes, Sarah Palin is from the same political ilk as Ms. Thomson. They are part of a new breed of right-wing politician – cozy up to the folks that will get you elected, but do it dishonestly.

You won’t find Thomson’s links to Libertas Post on her campaign web site. I tried calling them but the campaign did not want to comment. For a candidate to present herself as a viable, all things for all people candidate, it is beyond dishonest that Thomson be allowed to hide her true leanings in plain site, especially when her campaign strategy was to target the very crowd that would likely despise her the most.

And while she didn’t have a strong chance at winning the election, she should now withdraw her candidacy. If she had conducted an honest campaign from the get-go none of this would matter, and she might have been a more formidable candidate. But, to shield voters from her true identy, Thomson shows herself as a politician who can’t be trusted with the keys to City Hall.



  1. But she does not describe herself as a Libertarian, nor does she ever reference the true window to her beliefs from the very web site she owns, operates and supports. If you read the site, it goes a million miles farther than ‘fiscally conservative’. Read the articles, it is Palin-esque material.


  2. I don’t know oddmanic, looks like you are reading way to much in that darkly lit room called guilt by association.

    This is the same tactic that Obama’s detractors used to try and paint him in a negative light during his last campaign. Find someone in a extreme fringe of a political ideology and use whatever tiny and tenuous link to condemn the candidate. Death by association.

    Could you stand to be held next to everyone and anyone on the left, and then have it said that whatever their viewpoint was, it was also yours?

    Bad policy.

    And as you acknowledge that her environmental policies are far better than any other major candidate, how does this serve Toronto in the upcoming election?


    1. The best part was when you compared Obama to Thomson.

      Besides, this is not guilt by association as Thomson owns the site. She also decided not to be up front with her hard-right libertarian views when she wooed the left wingers with her environmental policies.

      Just like when she put herself on the cover of her own magazine and tried to say it was a campaign expense – she is dishonest with the people of Toronto and very unethical to boot.


      1. Do you really believe that when I noted that conservatives in the south tried to affect the Obama campaign by trying to make him guilty by association, as you do now with this candidate, that this constitutes a comparison of the two persons?

        You do understand that the comparison was between their tactics, and yours today don’t you?


  3. Here is the facebook post that Mr Oddmanic left on Sarah Thomson’s personal profile.

    A drive-by smearing that in my opinion failed, and revealed much more of your campaign than of Sarah’s. Especially where you make no mention of your own platform or hers. Except where you acknowledge her environmental policies are better than the other candidates.

    I have seen postings, articles and commentary that readily identify Thomson as conservative in some of her viewpoints as far back as December 2009. How is this news to you when you contend you are also a candidate for Mayor?


  4. Finally, people are starting to see Ms. Thomson for what she truly is…a liar. This is far from the only thing she has lied about. While some may then bring forward the other candidates’ history, we are forgetting something very important – Ms.Thomson has neither the political nor the business experience to be successful as mayor. Worst case scenario she owns Libertas Post, best case scenario, this supposed self-made millionaire (gag) needs to share office space, phone numbers and admin staff? WTF Yes, can you smell the success now? Ms. Thomson recently stated her business is worth millions, yet she has to share space, has cut the production back from twice a month to 6 times a year and has not yet been able to take a pay cheque? I guess everyone’s definition of success is different, just as everyone’s definition of “visionary”, “qualified”, “businesswoman”, “consensus builder”, etc are very different. However, it would be delightful if Ms. Thomson’s ego didn’t get in the way of her interpretation of the English language.

    A soon as she becomes any sort of threat, his women’s world is going to crumble when the press get ahold of her history. I guess one would consider consuming your husband’s fortune to keep you pathetic business alive as being “fiscally conservative”. This woman needs a SERIOUS wake up call. One can only wonder if she is sleeping with John A.D., as this seems to be the only excuse for his alignment with this ego-maniacal rookie. Rumour has it, this may be the only true skill/qualification she possesses as she has had years to develop it.

    Wake up Toronto!

    Concerned Citizen


  5. I think you need to up your meds.

    Thomson is not guilty by association, she runs a web site that peddles hate. She runs it, not knows the person who does. And yes, hate. Every anti-gay, anti-anything-but-white hellion has their blog noted on that site.

    I find you quite sad, Jonathan. Really. So loyal and so blind. Good luck.


    1. So she interviewed you James?

      Show us what you believe indicates she runs that site?

      Because the only thing I see is that the domain name is registered by her. Many people in media provide webspace and services for many others, it is a common form of philanthropy and a particularly enlightening one given that what they are doing is providing a forum.

      You believe that her association to this site makes her guilty of subscribing to every viewpoint stated therein. That is laying guilt by association. Definitively.

      I find you sad, no platform no campaign, and these are the tactics you sink to.

      Pathetic really, and your writing reads terribly, especially your post replies.


    2. Oh and the fact that far-right extremists are among the readers of that site, or at least link to it you claim, this too is guilt by association.

      I will lay you odds that far-right groups anti-anything groups also link to CPC, Republican, Christian and other ideological broadcasts that are even the faintest but to the right.

      And the extreme left does the same thing.

      You are a lightweight thinker, a sound-bite craving noob James.


  6. Hi there,

    I’m happy that you’ve made this connection, because it should allow others or you to investigate further, but I would like to see a firm confirmation that Thomson actually owns Libertas Post and that she has any editorial control over it.

    Until then, all you have is a theory, an accusation, and some tenuous ideological links.


  7. Adam,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’ve been a reporter/freelance writer for 8 years, so i would never just throw something out there.

    Sarah admitted she was a co-owner of the site on my facebook page. This site is located inside her Women’s Post office and they share a phone number.


  8. Sarah has also just admitted on Twitter that she is co-owner of the site.

    Funny though, as she has yet to admit publicly that her business has never made any money nor that she has been unable to receive a pay cheque in the 9 years she has run it, nor that she has not operated a successful business in the last 18 years. Ms. Thomson claims that her ridiculous magazine (media company) is worth millions, with a circulation of 61,000 and less than 1,000 paid subscribers? It used to have a twice monthly publication and is now only produced 6 times a year. Yes, it wreaks of success, doesn’t it?

    Neither has Ms. Thomson announced that she altered her bio page 3 times after my challenging her on her credentials. First -about coming last in her bid for Hamilton council, not losing by just 200 votes. Then – about leaving home for the summer and staying with her sister for half of that time, not leaving home at 15 for 6 months and traveling around N. America. Last – about the multi-million dollar company she built turning around gas stations in trouble, not creating a $30-38 million business mandated to rescue stations in crisis.

    Even the scaled down version of her bio is still incredibly dubious. Please see the following link:

    It contains an article by Andrew Dreschel from September 1997, when he interviewed Ms. Thomson while she was running for Hamilton Council.

    It clearly outlines several huge discrepancies that still exist in Ms. Thomson’s bio:

    – The max. number of stations Ms. Thomson ever managed was 5 , all located in S. Ontario, not “numerous” nor were they located “all over Ontario”

    – Ms. Thomson won top dealer award in ONTARIO, not Canada as claimed on many sites and in many interviews. She won two years running (1996 & 1997) , not 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1997 as claimed on her LinkedIn page.

    – She claims at 30 to have created a $30-38 million dollar business, however in the article she clearly states that by 29 years old, she only had 2 remaining stations, both in Hamilton.

    -She claims to have founded a home restoration company, buying, renovating and selling old homes. She further states that she ran for council because she dealt with red tape in rezoning applications. The article clearly states that she “hopes’ to open a book store in her home and was therefore already running by this time. In addition, Ms. Thomson only shows on title for 3 homes over the last 25 years. There is also no record of a renovation company in her name. Three homes in 25 years hardly constitutes a renovation company.

    I find it absurd that Ms. Thomson now challenges Rob Ford on his “lies” as Ms. Thomson’s are just as plentiful and directly related to her qualifications; whereas Mr. Ford’s are of a personal nature. Please do not get me wrong, I am not a Ford fan; however, it is so obvious that this is a smear campaign of the leader in the race.

    Ms. Thomson attended a rally by Mr. Rossi speaking out about his comment with regards to TO having to take care of the 2.5 million people it already has before opening its doors to newcomers. Ms. Thomson claims to be all about including the public and listening to them; however she appears to suddenly be deaf, as there is overwhelming support for Mr. Ford’s opinion on this. Mr. Ford is even earning the large support from the immigrant/refugee population on his stance.

    Ms. Thomson is no more about the people of TO, than she is about her employees, or her family. She is 100% in this for herself. Her hubris is beyond reproach. She is a broken record player, playing the same Utopian song over and over again. She is uneducated and a saleswoman. Please don’t be fooled.

    The only reason WP is still in business is because Ms.Thomson has been funded by her husband’s fortune. Now she has drained that pot and is search of her next public platform.

    Do the research!

    Concerned Citizen


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