Oddmanic Exclusive: Ford Under Investigation for Sign Violations

Mayoral front-runner accused of skirting election regulations

By: James Di Fiore

The Rob Ford mayoral campaign may be facing some hefty fines after a formal complaint with City Hall saying he violated Toronto election bi-laws when he ambushed the backdrop of Breakfast Television on March 25th. Ford may be facing thousands of dollars in fines for using the signs before candidates are permitted – October 4th, 2010. This is in violation of Municipal Code, Chapter 693-9 under the Subsection entitled ‘Timing’. The Ford campaign is currently under investigation in the matter.

The video shows Ford and his supporters disrupting a live broadcast of Breakfast Television, a popular local morning show, when he and dozens of his supporters marched through the background of Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. When spotted, co-host Kevin Frankish remarked, “Here’s Rob Ford trying for his cheap plug in the background right now..”

If Ford is found guilty of violating the Municipal bi-law, he could face a $205 fine for each sign carried by his supporters, and possibly an additional $205 for every sign deemed to be higher than 2.5 meters off the ground. The video depicts between 50-70 elections signs reading “Ford for Mayor.” A decision is expected by the end of next week.



  1. Will anything stick to Rob Ford? Are people that blinded by hate? And hate for what? That we live in Toronto, consistently named one of the most livable cities in the world? With the lowest crime rate in a city of this size? With the most fertile job market in North America? …. People need to get beyond the buzz words and realize that if Ford becomes mayor and gets rid of all the waste, he means he’s going to cut spending on programs that none of us want to see gone.


  2. @Metroman

    Nope, nothing will stick to Rob Ford because he has done nothing wrong. And what’s $205 anyway? I wager more people will be incensed by the fact that city employees are devoting countless billable hours on the taxpayer’s dime to dig up dirt and put together a case against Ford, time that could’ve been spent responding to constituents’ queries as opposed to giving us the run-around via voicemail and vague email replies.

    It’s precisely this culture of entitlement and superiority the City displays over the people that Rob Ford’s supporters have latched onto. Keep it up, you’re only fuelling the fire amongst his ever-growing base. While the other candidates have a twisted web of political backers, Ford stands virtually alone. But this is a good thing, for now he’ll be indebted to no one except the people of Toronto should he win. No more backroom deals with special interests, campaign donators and unions. Finally common equality and community building can be a priority once again.


    1. My favourite part is when you put Ford on that high horse as if he isn’t really a politician. As if a convicted drunk driver, suspected (probable) wife beater and drunken embarrassment is somehow clean as a whistle.

      Culture of entitlement? I really hate it when Canadians start talking like like FOX News reporters.


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