Ford stonewalling City over election signs violations?

Front runner not answering questions from municipal investigators

By: James Di Fiore

Rob Ford, accused of violating Toronto’s comprehensive election sign rules in the 2010 municipal election, has not returned the phone calls of investigators who have questions regarding the candidate’s March 26th rally. During the rally, caught on camera by the popular local show Breakfast Television, dozens of supporters are seen holding elections signs with ‘Ford 4 Mayor’ emblazoned on both sides. Ford, who is not personally holding an election sign, appeared to be navigating through a gray area of municipal by-laws that would actually see his supporters fined if the signs are found to be in violation.

Also unclear is whether or not Ford’s campaign supplied the promotional materials in question, an interesting facet given Mr. Ford’s second career as an owner of a company that manufactures signs and labels. If his business was the supplier, Ford would then be in clear violation of breaking election rules and forced to pay any resulting fines after a thorough investigation. Just one problem – Ford isn’t talking.

According to Stephen Moss, a Municipal Licensing and Standards Officer, Ford’s campaign is not yet cooperating with investigators.

“Our office put in a call but was only able to speak with a manager,” Moss said. “We haven’t received a response to our inquiries.”

Moss added that the statute of limitations for this type of infraction is 6 months, which means the city has just over 3 weeks to get Ford’s camp to answer questions. Moss added that candidates and their campaign staff are not compelled to answer questions from investigators. Moss also stated that Ford’s supporters may also be fined for violating a municipal bi-law that forbids anyone from promoting a candidate by holding or placing signs on their property or in public space.


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