War Reporter Jeremy Scahill Insults Canadian Military

Defends joke he made on Bill Maher as a swipe against Obama

American national security reporter Jeremy Scahill ridiculed Canada’s leadership role in Libya while visiting the HBO show Real Time With Bill Maher last Friday. Scahill, who helped expose criminal activity within the private military contractor Blackwater, appeared astonished that the NATO mission “is going to be handed over to the Canadian Mounties.” The comment clearly implied that Canada, a nation who has sacrificed 155 soldiers in Afghanistan, is a substandard military force not worthy of leading a mission. Perhaps Scahill forgets about the leadership roles Canada has been responsible for in Afghanistan, with no Mounties in sight (Mounties are federal police officers, not military servicemen), and with the praises of American military officials.

Scahill has been defending his comments on Twitter after being asked by this reporter to retract his statement. He claimed the joke “was about the US trying to use Canada to make the op legitimate.” If that was really the case, then why imply that Canadian military personnel aren’t up for the job? It’s possible, or likely, that Scahill isn’t a very good joke teller, but hindsight should give him enough pause to realize his comments made light of Canadian soldiers and their abilities. Whether you support the NATO mission or not, Scahill shows a lack of respect and an unapologetic stubbornness towards Canadian men and women who give their lives in battle.




  1. the loss of the 155 soldiers wasn’t a sacrifice–it was a waste of life. “Sacrifice” implies that their dying was for some greater cause, which America’s war in Afghanistan is not. The hijackers on 9/11/01 weren’t afghans but saudis. The saudis can commit all types of atrocities and human rights violations but America won’t dare criticize the saudis. That’s how hypocritical and corrupt America is. America borrows money from foreign countries–in the trilions of dollars–in order to finance its self-destructive wars. War is a racket, and the war profiteers get lucrative no-bid contracts, and are paid from this huge amount of borrowed cash. The American public will eventually have to pay the money back. Thus, war in modern times is like daytime robbery of the American public by the war profiteers. The future generations of AMerica will be burdened by the financial debts of today’s warmongers. It is a shame that the Canadian public hasn’t mutiinied or protested Canada’s involvement. When did Canana get involved in the empire game? Is it a desire that was dormant all these years, inherited from UK?


  2. This idiot shoud look at some of the realities before making fun of the Canadian military. The truth of the matter is our military is better trained than theirs by far. At one time out air force used to go do all these training exercises where we would be equiped with their planes and have mock battles. In every instance the Canadians beat the Americans. Because of embarrasment our air forces no longer do these joint training mock battles. A little bit of knowledge about how much the american military sucks at training their soldiers would go a long way Jeremy.


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