Why I am Hiding My Face When I Vote in Today’s Election

This is not a statement against Muslims – it is in support of legitimate voting in Canada

By: James Di Fiore

I am not a Muslim woman. I am not a conservative plant. I am not making a mockery of our electoral laws. I am trying to demonstrate how our system is being circumnavigated by religious accommodations, and I am not alone.

Today I will vote with my face covered. As I am writing this a friend is voting with his face covered as well. Across Canada at random polling stations people will be showing up in various masks and disguises. I created this mini movement with the support of friends and family.

Let’s hope Parliament will pass legislation that will insure our elections are conducted with a semblance of common sense. People should have to prove who they are when they vote, otherwise the legitimacy of our system is in jeopardy.

Happy voting.



  1. I must agree with you. It is definitely not a slam on Muslims …. just a right that should be taken serioulsy and by people that should understand the democratic way of life.


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