Alberta Election: The Rise of the Moderates

By: James Di Fiore


For a minute there Alberta was starting to look like a Tea Party caricature. Crazy preachers, vocal white pride and an increasingly loud base of bitter partisans peppered the province, giving the media the impression that a next chapter was about to be written. All the polls were giving Wild Rose leader Danielle Smith an easy victory, sending the 41 year reign of the Progressive Conservatives out to pasture and putting Alberta on a path of fierce ideology.

Then, in a classic example of cooler heads prevailing, the crazy folks lost the election. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, even in Alberta most Canadians are moderates. Insane, I know. But it’s true.

And let’s not quibble over the use of the word “crazy”. Wild Rose supporters are already on the pathological, post-election attack, complaining about the Progressive Conservative fear merchants in a rich example of hypocritical finger-pointing by the most vitriolic ideologues in the country. If you don’t want to be called crazy, you should muzzle your babbling preachers and oblivious Caucasoids who in short order turned this election into a disastrous screen test for a would-be premier. Smith, who is handcuffed to bigots, religious nuts and secessionists, couldn’t muster the courage necessary to be a true leader by admonishing even the most vitriolic supporters. By taking a page out of the Republican Party handbook and not addressing the viruses in her midst, Smith succeeded in infecting her entire campaign. In Canada, you can’t simply wave away the mosquitoes. You need to smack those critters, wipe away the blood and make sure your repellent is strong enough for the next ones. In other words, despite her base and their strong conservative leanings, Smith should have said the following:

“Saying that gay people will die in a lake of fire is absolutely insane and I urge the candidate responsible for those words to step aside immediately.”

Nope, that would show weakness, and according to the people who throw kindling into that lake, weakness is what makes people gay in the first place. Forget about the Alberta firewall spawned by Prime Minister Harper when he was the Reform Party pied piper. That was different. In those days the political acumen was strong enough to recognize that while many Reformers were bigots, showcasing those views would have been disastrous. And now that Albertans have cemented itself into the land of the sane, perhaps rebuilding that firewall on the US border would be more productive. No offense to our American cousins, but they can keep their cartoonish political climate, thank you. We do not need nor can we sustain the views of whack jobs. It just isn’t in our national DNA to collectively deny science, hate homosexuals and praise the communications prowess of white people. In short, we aren’t a nation of ideologues.

And let’s all thank god for that.



  1. The problem with “whack jobs” is that while they are alive and well in both Liberal and Conservative politics the Liberal nuts usually get a pass whereby every Conservative is painted by the left with the same brush as their dodo’s . Harper, bright enough to know this, stifled his loonies until he and his party could prove to Canadians that they were not the bad guys that the left portrayed. Results….. winning elections despite the rhetoric.


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