Dear Mayor Ford Supporters: We Told You So


By: James Di Fiore

It was as though every caricature about Mayor Rob Ford had amalgamated into one symphony of filth. Two Toronto Star reporters viewed a video of Mayor Ford smoking crack, calling Justin Trudeau a fag and declaring “I’m a fucking right winger!”

Not exactly a shining moment for Canadian conservatives.

And it would be nice to say this surreal example of a mayor gone wild was unpredictable. It would be nice to say that indeed, but it isn’t even close to being accurate. Like it or not, a large segment of Toronto declared Mayor Ford as a man in-over-his-head long before he took office, and years before the Harper government tried to brand Justin Trudeau with the same tagline.

The evidence of Ford’s lack of professionalism was abundant while the 2010 election was still in it’s infancy. Remember Adam Giambrone? His in-office fling now seems arbitrary when contrasted next to Ford’s consistent and often jaw-dropping antics.

Sure, being an affable fellow is not and should not preclude a person from holding public office. But Ford isn’t affable. He’s a punchline. He’s a bully. He’s not book smart. He’s a bitter partisan who sloganeers rather than leads. And he’s always been this way. His detractors were not simply grasping at elitist straws and motivated by left wing zealots. Even sensible conservatives expressed concern over Ford’s bombastic style. It lacked substance from the get-go.

And now here we are. At this very moment the future of our city is in the hands of a greedy crack dealer looking to sell the alleged video. If it is authentic, even the most sympathetic members of Ford Nation will refrain from coming to his defence…maybe.

But if you are a Ford supporter there’s really only one thing to say: We told you so.

One comment

  1. I am at a loss to understand why Rob is even bothering to run again because the conditions that existed the first time around that got him elected have changed. Not to mention his abominable behavior with one scandle after another and profiting on his stupidity by appearing on talk shows to further embarrass Toronto. Now we have many suitable candidates running for mayor this time around and even the knobs that elected him the first time have finally woke up and realize that another 4 years of this fool would be against their best interests as well. The ideal situation would see brother Dough and Mammoliti the snake not reelected and Holyday not reelected after his ass being booted out of the provincial government now seeming a home back on city council. Time that old bastard Holyday retired anyway.


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