Pseudo VS Science: Bill Nye Debates Creationist Ken Ham

By: James Di Fiore

When Christopher Hitchens was alive, he would often publicly debate a religious scholar like Reza Aslan or Rabbi David Wolpe about religion and its place in this world, or even its very existence. He, quite honestly, mopped the floor with most of them.

Tonight, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is debating Ken Ham “The Creationist Guy” in what promises to be a battle of tangible science VS superstition. Some believe Nye is giving a whack job and the belief that the world is just 7000 years old elevated status by agreeing to do the debate. While understandable, I personally believe that sometimes we need to see superstition up close.

This piece, and many others like it, disagree. But if polling is conducted before and after the debate, and if that poll concludes more people who were on the fence now side with science, it will be worth it.

Then, perhaps CNN can finally produce a debate between respected climatologists and climate change denying “scientists” so we can see what stupid looks like up close and personal.


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