Toronto Councillor Proposes Naming Landmark After Famous Canadian Bigot


By: James Di Fiore

Not many Canadians have the good sense to call out John A. MacDonald for what he really was; a repugnant white supremacist who believed non whites were inferior. MacDonald even has the distinction of being the only person who ever said publicly that Canada should be an Aryan state.

And the biggest dweeb at Toronto City Hall, Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, has the bright idea of renaming Union Station after him.

Why do we always seem to gloss over the racists in history and excuse them for merely being a ‘product of their time’? See, there’s this thing called the internet, where we can all learn about the heinous men who are placed on a pedestal (see: Christopher Columbus and almost every Founding Father) or given a pass for some of the world’s most brutal acts and ideologies.

“In 1885, Mr. Stanley notes, Macdonald told the House of Commons that if we allowed Chinese into Canada, “the Aryan character of the future British America should be destroyed.”

These are those moments where white people should have little difficulty understanding the frustrations of non whites. Perhaps, if we were honest about our history, we would be better equipped to have a more inclusive future.


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