Deadmau5 Offers Rob Ford a Ride, Insults Madonna Again


By: James Di Fiore

Joel Zimmerman, AKA DeadMau5, who in 2012 engaged in a Twitter war with Madonna over her reference to club drug MDMA and the EDM scene, took another unprovoked shot at the pop icon after Mau5 publicly scheduled a coffee-run with embattled Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford.

Zimmerman offered to take Rob Ford out for a ride. Nobody knows why, but Rob Ford eventually accepted and that was that. But after posting a photo of his Ferrari’s customized paint job, Zimmerman posted the following tweet in response to my inquiry as to why hanging with an admitted crack smoker is acceptable but Madonna’s pro-drug comments was an affront to clubland culture:

Screenshot 2014-04-01 22.44.25
Screenshot 2014-04-01 22.45.43

Zimmerman has a lot of fans, but many big names don’t seem like him at all. Howard Stern, Flo Rida, Joe Rogan have all had online run-ins with the Canadian DJ or have expressed their genuine dislike for him. It seems Joel’s reputation as a troll is well deserved. Last year there was an especially scathing comment from fellow DJ Afrojack for ‘pressing play’ after Zimmerman had spent years dissing other DJs for precisely the same offense.

Is it publicity? Is Deadmau5 simply a Twitter troll? And wait, is lil Joel still pretending he’s offended over people talking about drugs?

I mean, being drunk is fine…but doesn’t Deadmau5 seem a little Mollied in this interview with Joe Rogan? The eyes …they don’t lie.

But I think Deadmau5 probably does.


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