Exclusive Video: Ezra Levant Accuses Justin Trudeau of Siding With Dictators

Screenshot 2014-04-07 19.08.07


Right Wing Commentator Makes Inflammatory Comments During His Defamation Trial

By: James Di Fiore

Ezra Levant took another shot at Justin Trudeau outside a Toronto courthouse today where the commentator was wrapping up his defamation trial. In true Levant form, he accused the Liberal leader of “siding with dictators”, referring to an interview given to Iranian journalists where Trudeau criticized Prime Minister Stephen Harper for pandering to ethnic communities for votes at the ballot box.

Levant was pressed after several prominent Jewish leaders backtracked on their initial criticism of Trudeau after they were emailed by the Huffington post to expand on their original comments. He continued to accuse Trudeau of pandering to voting groups but eventually conceded that Trudeau was not an anti-Semite, a rare admission from the pundit who is known for his tar and feathering tactics, especially against non-conservatives.



  1. Ezra Levant’s boss, Pierre Karl Péladeau, owner of the Sun Media, admitted to wanting to break up the country. How much of this sentiment is also Levant’s? Also since the Wild Rose in Alberta is very much the child of Sun Media, how much seperatist inclination is there in Danielle Smith? Just asking.


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