“Calling Somebody Totally Racist, is Totally Gay” – Mark Steyn

Screenshot 2014-04-08 07.23.12
Free Speech Pundit Also Says Duelling Should Replace Human Rights Tribunals

By: James Di Fiore

Mark Steyn says Canada should go back to a duelling system to settle defamation disputes. The Canadian born author and political commentator made his remarks as he walked back into the courthouse where his ideological brethren, Ezra Levant, was wrapping up his trial for libel.


Steyn, who has had his own run-ins with human rights courts after he wrote a piece for Maclean’s titled “The Future Belongs to Islam” , looked to drive home his point with the following; “Calling somebody totally racist is totally gay,” a tongue-in-cheek declaration meant to spotlight his view that name-calling has become a wasteful expenditure for Canadian taxpayers.


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