Manufacturing Outrage: Laureen Harper Love Cats More than Missing Women

In one of the cheapest demonstrations from the political fringe in Canada this year, an operative from kindergarten group ‘Shit Harper Did’ hijacked a fundraiser for feral cats by interrupting Laureen Harper’s address with questions about missing and murdered aboriginal women.

Mrs. Harper was obviously caught off guard (who wouldn’t be?), and tried to casually remind the heckler of the event’s primary goal; to raise money for stray cats.

This video, which I find to be more damaging to the ‘activist organization’ than it is to the Harper Government, harkens back to the kind of gotcha journalism utilized by intellectual giants such as Alex Jones or Bill O’Reilly. It tells the audience something that isn’t relevant to what is actually happening, and then rides out that misinformation to fit a predetermined position on a preselected issue.

It would be like going to a seniors benefit dinner, standing up and demanding an answer to pedophile priests and accusing the organizers of siding with child predators when they escort you out.

This is not activism. This does not prove the federal government or the prime minster’s wife is cavalier about missing and murdered women. And for the record, the Harper Government’s progress and lack of action on missing aboriginal women has been appalling, but that doesn’t mean this exercise in propaganda was a success.

Ideologues do this all the time, on both sides of the Left/Right paradigm. The infallible swagger they use to promote their concerns actually expose them for being mischievous, not proactive, as they write their indignant blog posts pretending their ‘activism’ was a success.

Mischief is not activism, and while missing women in Canada is an important issue, you can’t hijack events and pretend you’ve done something righteous.


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