Political Ad Watch: Kathleen Wynne – The Progressive Conservative Record

Tyler the Creator shadow wideBy: James Di Fiore


Political ads are going to be more and more abundant in the coming months. Three major elections are slated between now and October 2015; the Ontario Provincial election, the Toronto Mayoral Election and the federal election, meaning our airwaves will be inundated with politicians and parties clamouring for our attention, and ultimately our votes.

Often, political ads fall short of grabbing our attention and rarely ever sway us through its production value to vote for a particular party. Many times these ads are designed to discourage voters from voting for other parties, but mostly these ads are either cynical of opponents or overly complimentary towards the governing powers that be.

All too often, partisan ads reveal how out of touch politicians are towards voters. Connecting with the electorate is key but evasive.


The following ad is rated and reviewed by The Digital Reporter in order to disseminate its strategy and effectiveness.

Kathleen Wynne – The Progressive Conservative Record

Style: Here’s the thing about Kathleen Wynne; she’s stiff, awkward and has an image not compatible with walking around a suburb explaining stuff to a camera. Her outfit looks hastily selected; her face is that of a person tired of reading words from a card; and the location is eerily similar to Walter White’s street in Breaking Bad.

Message: Wynne does better here, using actual quotes from her target (PC Leader Tim Hudak) and communicating what the results of a Hudak-led government might mean. She refrains from attacking the character of Hudak but delivers her “facts” using the finest of fine print to cite her source material. Wynne’s team should try stepping into the modern digital world and embed the source material inside the actual video so online viewers can view the references for themselves.

Effectiveness: This ad is too distracting. It’s main message probably seemed easy to communicate when it was still just a script, but a grey sky, a stale performer and too much information to process bombard the delivery of the message.

Overall Grade: C+


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