Teachers Group Mails Bizarre Comic to Durham Voters

Screenshot 2014-06-10 16.26.30


Strange newsletter also depicts Hudak as a supporter of racial segregation

By: James Di Fiore

The Durham Local Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario have taken the gloves off in this election, releasing a satirical newsletter depicting conservative leader Tim Hudak as an evil politician who is trying to usher in, among other things, a way to keep white neighbourhoods white via the “right to work” program proposed by the PC Party of Ontario.

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The comic-like publication is an interesting strategy given the mood of voters and their collective frustration towards provincial politics. It covers the usual issues regarding a possible Hudak-led government – austerity, union busting, etc – but then veers into vitriolic territory through the racial segregation implication and other bizarre drawings meant to illustrate the ideology of the PC Party.

It really just needs to be seen. Click here for the full newsletter. 

The Durham Local office could not be reached, but after contacting the Ontario office Government Relations spokesperson Vivian McCaffrey said the following:

“We cannot comment directly on the newsletter but we strongly suggest you contact their office first thing in the morning.”

McCaffrey added that she understands why voters might have strong feelings about the style of the newsletter.

No doubt.


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